Credly Issues Digital Credentials for the Most In-Demand Technical Skills in 2020

Technical skills are becoming more prevalent during the hiring process. Major organizations like IBM, Google, and Apple are eliminating the need for a traditional four-year degree when finding new talent, so proficiency in skills is critical for success. 

Technical skills, defined as the skills actually needed to adequately perform a specific job, vary widely depending on the industry. LinkedIn recently compiled a list of the most sought-after technical skills in 2020, and Credly customers issue digital credentials for everyone. Digital credentials allow employers to verify that the badge earner knows how to do exactly what they’ve said they know how to do, making the hiring process less time consuming and costly. 

Here are the most in-demand technical skills in 2020. 

    1. Blockchain. Knowing the ins and outs of the blockchain goes beyond just trading Bitcoin. With blockchains ranging from public to private, or even a hybrid of both, having someone who can navigate how to effectively create, store, and validate data across them is a skill that’s worth vetting. IBM and Arcitura issue digital credentials that verify one’s knowledge of, and expertise in, working with blockchain technology. 
    2. Cloud computing. Everything we do is on cloud servers like AWS and Microsoft Azure, and cloud computing is quickly becoming a vital piece of technology staffing. Having someone on-hand who can manage the cloud system architecture isn’t a nice-to-have skill, it’s a must-have skill for organizations in 2020. IBM offers a Cloud Computing certificate. 
    3. Analytical reasoning. Data is at the core of most of the decisions that get made in organizations today and having an employee who can prove their analytical reasoning skills is good for business. Employees who can demonstrate the ability to interpret and make business decisions based on data is becoming the norm for companies across the world. SAS offers a badge that proves the earner has mastered analytics-driven forecasting. 
    4. Artificial Intelligence. Like it or not, AI is a part of the modern workforce. Supplementing human skills with robot skills still requires human management, especially when trying to keep products and services human-centered. EY offers AI badges in stages, ranging from novice to expert. 
    5. UX design. Creating software that is intuitive is the difference between success and failure. User experience designers are an integral part of any organization who puts the end-user (and product) top of mind. DevMountain has created a badge that proves the earner fully understands the five planes of UX design. 

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By Patricia Diaz