Credly Shares Timely Recruiting Tips in HR News Magazine

In this month's edition of HR News magazine, published by the International Public Management Association for Human Resources, Credly's Chief Experience Officer shared an article titled "4 Steps Toward Recruiting Top Talent During COVID-19".
Hiring practices were counted among the many other things affected by the pandemic, and in this article Jarin Schmidt provides actionable steps HR managers can take to adapt their approach to sourcing talent in the current climate. 
  • Review your organization's current positions. A manager's first instinct might be to file a new job req. Is that really the right move?  
  • Deploy data in your hiring process. More and more HR managers are relying on digital credentials to verify skills, for good reason. 
  • Adopt a skills-based mindset. Expand your candidate pool by focusing on the skills needed for your role, not outdated proxies for success.
  • Explore your internal talent pool. The person you hired two years ago has likely gained new skills and knowledge since then. 
Read the full article beginning on page 6 in this month's digital magazine. 
By Credly