How Digital Credentials Increase Career Success and Training Volume

As a training provider, it's your aim to be the gold standard for learning. We get it; it's in your DNA. Delivering quality, relevant, timely training is always the goal. You want to ensure your training programs have impact on the careers (and lives) of your learners, whether you're teaching hard or soft skills.

You also want to increase your training volume by differentiating yourselves from the competition. Digital credentials can help you on both counts, ensuring your programs have the impact you're striving for.

Your courses translate into career success for learners

Learners come to you to get the skills they need to compete in the marketplace, which is increasingly skills-based at the same time as it is increasingly unpredictable due to COVID-19's continued effect on the economy. Some could argue that strong, verifiable skillsets have never been more important to employees, whether they are job seeking or climbing the ladder within their own organizations.

Job seekers and employees looking to grow their careers within their own organizations benefit from Credly in several ways. When you issue digital credentials for your training via Credly, learners can share their badges on social media and within their own organizations, making their achievements and accomplishments visible. (It also makes your training program more visible and drives measurable, organic impressions to your brand—more than 650,000 digital credentials are shared a month on Credly.) Credly also offers labor market insights, credential recommendations, and endorsements to help learners understand their value in the marketplace and discover what’s next. Credly's talent directory helps badge earners connect to job opportunities based on their newly acquired skills and ultimately land a job.

Increase training volume

Because skills-based hiring is at peak levels right now, it's vital for learners to have iron-clad verification of the skills on their resumes. Simply listing that they're proficient and experienced in a certain skillset does not have the same impact of a digital credential that verifies it. Hiring managers know it, and increasingly, learners know it, too. Digital credentials aren't "nice-to-haves" on a resume anymore. They're must-haves. That's why adding digital credentials to your existing training program can increase motivation and raise course completion rates.

Just one example, training provider ForgeRock saw certification volume jump 751% within six months of launching a digital credentialing program with Credly. They hadn't done anything differently with course content or the delivery method of those courses. The sudden increase in visibility of their program was driven by digital credentials issued via Credly.

At Credly, we're passionate about helping training providers create the most impactful, effective, and robust training they can. If you want to help your earners put their newly acquired skills into practice while also increasing your training volume, we can help you amp up the impact of your training program. Contact us to learn more.

By Credly