Canvas LMS Integrates with Credly Rules Engine For Automated Issuing

Update August 14, 2019: An integration between Canvas and Credly’s Acclaim platform is now available. The new integration makes it seamless for faculty and staff who use the Canvas learning management system to incorporate digital credentialing into their courses and automate badge issuing via Credly’s Acclaim platform. To learn more about this integration for your organization, contact us

Beyond Grades: New Partnership Enables Colleges and Universities to Create and Award Digital Badges that Recognize Skills and Competencies

Canvas integration with new Credly rules engine allows digital credentials to be triggered by completion of Canvas modules, assignments or other important achievement milestones

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 09, 2017

Digital credential pioneer Credly, in partnership with Canvas, the learning management system (LMS) by Instructure, today announced the launch of a powerful new application that enables education providers to award digital badges to students as they master critical skills or competencies within courses or training programs. Credly Learning Edition for Canvas allows schools to design rule-based pathways that trigger the award of digital badges which can be showcased and used by students on professional and social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, or featured in a range of other job search and communication channels, such as e-portfolios, websites, email or resumes.

The Colorado Community College System (CCCS) deployed an early pilot of the Credly Learning Edition with Canvas to recognize 17 different competencies assessed within an applied mathematics course, giving local manufacturers insight into the discrete, workforce-relevant skills of CCCS graduates.

“Digital badges are a powerful and employer-friendly complement to grades and other information traditionally found on a college transcript,” said Brenda Perea, Instructional Design Project Manager at Colorado Community College System. “Our faculty has been working with Credly to demonstrate to employers the granular competencies and workplace skills students develop in any particular course, and this integration with Canvas accelerates that crucial communication.”

By integrating with Instructure’s popular Canvas LMS, Credly Learning Edition provides an intuitive interface that positions faculty and education institutions at the center of the badging process as they design their own digital credentials and set rules for awarding badges based on student mastery. A unique rules engine, powered by Credly, allows digital credentials to be triggered by completion of Canvas modules, assignments or other important achievement milestones. Credly Learning Edition’s single sign-on capability also creates a seamless experience for students, allowing them to sign-in once to their Canvas account and manage their earned credentials directly from the Canvas environment.

“As policymakers and education leaders emphasize measuring outputs, digital credentials empower students with portable, verified and transparent evidence of learning,” said Jonathan Finkelstein, founder and CEO of Credly. “Our integration with Canvas facilitates a smooth and efficient experience for both students and faculty to surface competencies, which are fast-becoming the currency of the labor market.”

“Digital credentials are quickly becoming an essential component of an effective learning ecosystem,” said Melissa Loble, Vice President of Platform and Partnerships at Instructure. “Credly Learning Edition provides a seamless and forward-thinking experience for both instructors and students that highlights Canvas’ capabilities as an open platform.”

Increasingly, more employers are using competencies to identify which candidates would be successful for a position, demonstrating a shift from degree-based hiring to skills-based hiring practices. According to a recent report by Innovate+Educate, companies that use skills-based hiring have seen significant improvements in performance, with 70% reductions in cost to hire, 50% reductions in time-to-train, and 25-75% reductions in turnover.

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