The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself is Knowledge

From the time you were a small child to the time you entered the workforce, you likely relied on the curriculum created by others to learn new things. New skills, new talents, new ideas all originated from someone else’s idea of what you should know. 

With the advent of technology and the internet, being ignorant about anything - literally any subject in the world - is no longer acceptable. It’s ok to seek out information on your own. For better or worse, information is readily and constantly available to us.

Millennials are the first generation in the United States who are more educated than their parents, but also significantly more broke than their parents. Why? Because higher education wasn’t an option - it was mandatory. We now know that there are endless avenues towards employment and earning a living, with only one of those options being a traditional four-year degree. According to the Wall Street Journal, “Americans aren’t turning their backs on education; they are reconsidering how to obtain it.”

Enter: skills. Go to after you’ve created an account and scroll through millions of skills and courses that are accompanied by a digital credential. There are thousands of free courses, most of which are self directed. Learning how to seek out, learn, and apply new skills will eventually become the most in-demand skill of our lifetime. If you can’t find an answer to a question you have, there are a million ways to find one. It could be as simple as a Google search, Wikipedia, a training bootcamp, or even a free Coursera class. 

We, collectively, as humans, are no longer allowed to accept passive or unverified information as the source of truth. We must seek out how to educate ourselves so that we can advance not only our own careers, but society as a whole. You have the tools and wherewithal to accomplish learning new things, so prioritize learning how to learn. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how to learn new skills and then earn a digital credential that validates your learning, create an account on Happy learning! 

By Patricia Diaz