Why 'fake news' matters to your business

Fake news. We've been inundated by this phrase in recent years. The aftershocks of "fake news" have rumbled into the fabric of our lives and our workplaces. It's not "don't believe everything you read" anymore. It's "don't believe anything you read."

A recent study by SocialChorus revealed that preventing the spread of misinformation at work is a high priority for the C-suite. That's because trust in the truth, whether it's the news employees see on television or the quarterly business update they receive from you, is central to engagement. If your employees are suspicious or if trust is eroded, engagement goes down along with it.

What can you do about that? Here are a few ideas to help shore up trust in your workplace.

Ramp up communication

This is important for many reasons, the prevalence of remote work being on top of that list. With remote employees, it's vital to communicate more to keep them engaged and feeling a part of the team. But it's also important in this "post-trust era." COVID-19 has created shifting sands under the most solid of companies, and many employees worry whether they'll be able to keep their jobs. Communicating transparently about company health, goals, and future plans goes a long way toward calming those fears.

Offer digital credentials

Digital credentials are fraud-proof. Offering your employees the opportunity to upskill and earn concrete digital credentials gives them verifiable proof of their achievements, qualifications, and skills, and it increases their engagement in the process. And this fraud-proof factor isn't just important for businesses. It's vital for professional associations and training providers as well. That iron-clad credibility helps individuals protect their reputations and organizations protect their brands.

Create a place for official company news

Employee rumors can spread like wildfire. If your company is involved in a merger or acquisition, if there are rumbles in the ranks about layoffs, if any scandals are threatening to hit the news, it can and will undermine engagement, morale, and productivity. Squash the rumor mill by creating an official company news area on your internal website.

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By Credly