Come & Meet the Credly Team at An Upcoming Event

February 19-22: Dream 2019 in Long Beach, CA
Session: The Currency of Credentials and Why It Matters on February 21st at 10:00AM
Presenters: Pat Leonard (Vice President, Business Development, Credly), Dr. Janet Rummel (Vice President, Workforce Alignment and Operations and Marketing, Ivy Tech Community College), and Laura Falkner (Partner Solutions Lead, Credential Engine)
February 25-27: 4YFN in Barcelona, Spain
Session: The Future of Work, Learning and Leading on February 25th at 5:00PM
Presenters: Jonathan Finkelstein (Founder and CEO, Credly), Dori Gurwitz (Managing Director, PwC), Amritesh Chaudhuri (SVP, Product and Solutions Marketing, RingCentral), Emily Elwes (Founder, Flylancer), Julien Lasaicherre (Director, Facebook), Sara Kalick (Founder, The Possibilitarians)

Join this panel of global leaders for a discussion on the intersection of work, learning and leading for the future workforce. 

February 25-27: Training 2019 Conference and Expo in Orlando, FL
Session: Seamlessly Convert Workplace Learning into College Credit on February 27th at 8:30AM
Presenters: Pete Janzow (Vice President, Business Development, Credly), David Leaser (Senior Program Executive, Innovation and Growth Initiatives, IBM)

Using digital credentials issued through Credly, IBM has partnered with Northeastern University to offer college credit for corporate training. Learn why collaborations such as this are among the first in a coming wave of creative partnerships aiming to eliminate the gap between learning and work.

March 17-19: ASAE Great Ideas Conference in Colorado Springs, CO
Session: Aligning Association Career Paths with an Emerging Talent Pool on March 18th at 4:30PM
Presenter: Pat Leonard (Vice President, Business Development, Credly)

In this session, Pete Janzow will draw upon several case studies to share how digital credentials increase the likelihood for employers to connect with the right talent at the right time; to offer talented employees the opportunity to advance; and to provide the kind of recognition that benefits both the company and the employee.

March 17-20: ATP Innovations in Testing Conference in Orlando, FL
Session: Breaking Down Blockchain: Is It Right for Your Credential? on March 18th at 12:30PM
Presenter: Jarin Schmidt (Chief Experience Officer, Credly)

In this product demonstration, Jarin will share how test publishers are issuing digital credentials through a blockchain integration, and how earners and employers interact with credentials on blockchain. He will explore current use cases, future applications, benefits and potential drawbacks of utilizing digital credentials and blockchain in the credentialing industry. 

Session: How Did We Get Here, and Where Do We Go? on March 18th at 4:00PM
Presenter: Clarke Porter (Executive Advisor, Credly), Patrick Ward (President, ITS)

Join us for a discussion session between friends, with two people who have seen the electronic testing industry grow from infancy to its current state. Clarke Porter and Pat Ward will have a free-form discussion covering industry history, interesting activities today, and thoughts about the future. Expect plenty of anecdotes from both of these ATP award winners as they reminisce and prognosticate. 

April 22-24: Pearson's Now/Next in Learning in Scottsdale, AZ
Session: 5 Key Strategies for Designing Impactful Digital Credentials with Employers on April 23rd at 11:30AM
Presenters: Brenda Perea (Director, Education and Workforce Strategies, Credly), Heidi Shoemake (Director, Academic Technology and Communications, The University of Mississippi Medical Center), Kim Moore (Director, Workforce and Professional Education, Wichita State University)

The era of competency-based education, hiring and staffing is upon us. Presenters in this session have spent years working collaboratively with educators and industry leaders. This work has revealed a set of five key strategies that empower an education institution to partner with local employers in the process of designing impactful digital credentials. 

May 1-3: National Wood Flooring Expo in Fort Worth, TX
Session: Investing in Your Crew and Company Through Training on May 2nd at 9:15AM
Presenters: Brenda Perea (Director, Education and Workforce Strategies, Credly), Hope Kandel (Vice President, Partnerships, Credly), Stephanie Owen (Director, Education, NWFA)

In this session, attendees will explore how digital credentials add to the benefits of providing training opportunities for crew members, such as improving individual skills, increasing an organization's profitability and incentivizing great talent to stay.