Employer Engagement Field Guide: Chapter 3


Creating workforce relevant jobs can have a positive impact on a community and creating courses that match the demand for skills is a critical piece to ensuring success. Colleges and universities who aim to serve both students and employers in the community in which they're located need an action plan to ensure that courses offered are aligned with the needs of employers. 

In this free guide from Credly, you'll get instant access to: 

  • How to identify whether or not your community is dealing with a skills gap or merely a communications gap 
  • Insight into why now is the best time to create a digital credentialing program
  • A checklist that identifies the key questions to ask when building a team of digital credentialing champions
  • A guide on how to best build a team of digital credentialing champions

This guide is suited for higher education institutions that are looking to expand their value to the communities in which they serve. 

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