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Why You Should Buy Credly Instead of Building an In-House Solution

There is no question that there are multiple benefits to issuing digital credentials. Those benefits include: brand recognition and increased awareness, learner engagement, member recruitment, and robust data that support learning and development efforts. As tempting as it may be to throw together a proprietary badging solution, that's not an endeavor that should be undertaken lightly.

Here are five reasons why your organization should trust Credly’s badging platform with its digital credentialing program, instead of trying to build a solution from scratch. 

  1. Building in-house software simply costs more in the long run. Maintaining a software program as unique and nuanced as a digital credentialing platform isn’t cheap. Software maintenance costs include development (salaries, benefits, and equipment for software developers), product support (salaries, benefits, and equipment for tech support), bug fixes, software upgrades, accessibility compliance, security measures, and overall software expertise. Can your organization afford long-term developer salaries and ongoing maintenance? 
  2. The opportunity cost is higher than you think. By building in-house instead of choosing Credly, your organization will be isolated and disconnected from the network of verified credentials that makes the Credly ecosystem so powerful. Once your organization decides to issue digital badges on Credly’s platform, you join a network of innovative organizations equally dedicated to building the future of work and learning. The cost of that collective knowledge and expertise cannot be quantified. Plus, it’s faster, safer, and more valuable to use Credly. Your time-to-value will be days and weeks as opposed to months or even years. By investing in a SaaS model, your organization has the freedom and flexibility to decide how many badges to issue, and how long you want your program to grow. 
  3. Credly is the industry leader in issuing and managing digital badges. Credly has been around since 2012 and has issued tens of millions of digital credentials. Credly’s team is involved in creating global interoperability and ensuring the data structure is functional in other systems that support digital credentials. Our years of combined experience means that your credentials are safe, secure, and built for longevity and reliability. Our customer success team is also best-in-class, so once your credentials are ready for the world to earn, you’ll have the support of experts who know how to launch, manage, and grow your program. 
  4. We know how to scale your program. Regardless of what your business objective is for creating digital credentials, Credly knows how to partner with your organization for success. Our platform is built for scalability with integrations across many leading software programs, including Canvas, Skilljar, Bridge, and Zapier. We have teams that are responsible for enterprise-grade monitoring and service availability, meaning you won’t have to use internal resources to ensure security and operations. 
  5. Our security infrastructure is unmatched in the industry. Our policies and procedures operationalize Credly’s commitment to protecting the security and privacy of our customers and their employees, members, learners, and users. We invest in best practices and compliance with industry standards, including three ISO certifications, being fully GDPR compliant, and data infrastructure backed by Amazon Web Services. All Credly employees are required to complete annual data security and privacy training. 

If you’re interested in learning more about why Credly is best-in-class for issuing and managing digital credentials, we’d love to show you how our platform works. 

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