How to Reinforce Your Brand With Digital Credentials: An Infographic

An Infographic and Guide to Show How to Include Digital Credentials in Existing Marketing Materials to Help Reinforce Your Brand  

Every successful organization likely puts time and effort into their marketing strategy. If you're issuing digital credentials, there are a few ways your organization can use them to help supplement your marketing initiatives. 

In this free guide from Credly, learn how to take your digital credentials and marry them with existing marketing materials to create an impactful campaign that brings your brand front-and-center in front of business prospects, future learners, and even current or future employees. 

Download your free copy of this infographic to learn: 

  • The perfect placement of your digital badges on marketing materials 
  • How to turn your digital credential earners into brand evangelists 
  • The impact digital marketing can have on your brand, as well as your digital credentialing program 

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