Autodesk Case Study

Case Study: Bridging the Skills Gap and Building a Talent Pipeline. How Autodesk Certification Uses Digital Credentials to Empower the Workforce

Autodesk software is used to create core elements of the manufactured environment people interact with every day--from smartphones and movie effects to high-performance cars and skyscrapers. The company launched a training and certification program with digital credentials to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving manufacturing and construction industries and close a crucial skills gap.

This case study details how Autodesk uses digital credentials to empower the workforce and build a talent pipeline for the future. Download a free copy to learn more about:

  • How the Autodesk learning strategy team uses digital credentials to recognize earners for being certified in their software programs.
  • How digital credentials help Autodesk certification earners connect to career opportunities and experience job-related benefits like getting a new job or earning a raise. 
  • Survey results of the program’s digital credential earners conducted by Credly.

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