Case Study: IBM Creates an Inclusive Workforce with Digital Credentials


The global workforce is facing a serious talent shortage. With the emergence of new and rapidly-evolving technology, workers at all levels need new skills to meet workforce demands. However, 51% of industry executives cite finding appropriately skilled workers in local labor markets as the greatest challenge related to skills. And, 71% of corporate recruiters indicated they cannot find applicants with sufficient practical experience.

Innovative organizations such as IBM are not immune to these challenges. This case study looks at IBM’s business decision to create a digital badging program to foster employee skill progression and the outcomes of its program adoption.

“IBM will always attract the world’s best and brightest. With our digital credentials program, we want to shift mindsets in our industry and make tech more diverse and inclusive. We want to bring in people with non-traditional backgrounds, attract people re-entering the workforce or relaunching their careers. We want to create more jobs for people where tech jobs are scarce to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce.” David Leaser, Senior Program Executive, Innovation and Growth Initiatives at IBM

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