Infographic: A Roadmap to Employer & Industry Driven Digital Badges

A Guide to Effectively Create Badges That Serve Your Community

Digital credentials are a great way for higher education institutions to show value to both the community in which they serve as well as the learners who earn them. How can an institution make digital credentials that actually meet the needs of employers and employees alike? 

In this free infographic, learn more about the pathway an organization can take to create meaningful, impactful digital credentials. You'll learn: 

  • How typical education-to-employment pathways are no longer enough to stimulate local economies 

  • How to conduct research that will lay the groundwork for an impactful digital credentialing program

  • How to market your digital credentialing program so that other institutions will see their benefit 

Higher education institutions as well as small-to-medium businesses will benefit from the content in this infographic. 

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