How to Make the Organizational Shift to Skills-Based Hiring and Learning

The US currently has more open jobs available than it has qualified workers to fill those roles. Even with a booming economy and the desperate need for skills-based hiring, there still isn't a common language used for job descriptions or even college courses. A recruiter looking to fill a software development job in New York City may be on the hunt for a completely different candidate than a recruiter looking to fill a role in St. Louis, for example. How, then, can organizations and universities alike get on the same page about what skills are needed to do the jobs that the economy actually needs to thrive? 

During this 60-minute live webinar, you'll hear from Credly's CEO Jonathan Finkelstein, Director, IBM Career and Skills Kelli Jordan, Northeastern University Associate Teaching Professor Jared Auclair, and University Venture's Co-Founder and Managing Director Ryan Craig. You'll learn: 

  • What skills-based hiring means and why it's good for the economy
  • Why higher education is shifting its focus from traditional degree-based learning to skills-based learning
  • How digital credentials can be used as the common language for skills-based hiring 

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