Life Experience Required - Prior Learning & Digital Badges

"Life Experience Required: Prior Learning & Digital Badges," the free webinar from Credly, where we discussed how digital badges play a role in translating prior learning to a currency others can understand. Learning happens in many places, and our panelists help adults translate and share their accomplishments.

Hear from Dr. Susan Manning, Chief Success Strategist at Credly, Sarah Godsey, Director of CREDIT® at the American Council on Education, Dr. Nan Travers, Director, Center for Leadership in Credentialing Learning at SUNY Empire State College, Peter Smith, Professor of Innovative Practices in Higher Education at the University of Maryland University College, and author of Free Range Learning in the Digital Age.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  1. That education and learning comes from many non-traditional places, and how to identify and articulate skills learned outside of the classroom to earning a digital credential
  2. How to build a badging program that communicates proof of skills learned outside of the classroom
  3. Stories from our panelists about how their prior learning digital credentialing programs have positively impacted the earners of their organizations

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